Soap Saver – Automatically Draining Soap Bar Holder


Shipping cost: 200
◾ Soap Holder: the triangle-shape design raised in the middle to prevent soap from falling.
◾ Self-Draining Design: water flows from the diversion port, keeping soap long-lasting.
◾ Mess-free and Dry: keep the bathroom, kitchen sink, tub areas clean and tidy, reduce bacteria in your counter-top.
◾ Creative Leaf-Design: the perfect accessory for every bathroom and basins.
◾ Powerful Sucker: adsorption is firm, will not fall; can be washed and reused.
◾ Sturdy and Durable: it can be used in the bathroom or kitchen, made of high-strength and durable materials, to ensure that this soap holder can be used for many years.
◾ Multifunction: it can store soap, steel bags, brushes, rags, etc.
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