Six Sided Box Grater – Silver and Brown


Shipping cost: 200
  • SHARP STAINLESS-STEEL BLADES. High quality blades for easy grating cheeses, spices, chocolate, citrus, zests. Shredder large, medium, coarse or fine grating and for Fruits and Vegetables
  • ERGONOMIC handle absorbs and distributes pressure from hands and makes the job easier. Fits any size.
  • NONSKID, ANTI – SLIP, REMOVABLE. Protects your work desk allowing the perfect cleaning of food remains and drying. Dishwasher safe
  • It Is Perfect For Wafers Or Thin Slices Of Vegetables Like Zucchini, Radish Or Potatoes Etc
  • Use The Handle For Holding The Grater In Place And Grate Fruits And Vegetables With Ease.

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