5L Orange Spray Bottle Large Capacity Long Mouth Shoulder Plastic Pressure Small Sprayer In Pakistan


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* Product Name: Shoulder Type 5L Air Pressure Sprayer
Capacity: 5L
Material: PP.PE brand new plastic
Leather tube: 130CM
Spray bar: 37CM
Weight: 1.5kg
Outer packing size: 56.5 * 38 * 45cm
*Instructions for use:
Add concentrated material to the tank
Add water to marked fill line
Pump the handle a specified number of times to pressurize the remaining air, and then the sprayer conveys the material under pressure
The control lever on the wand can control the spray method and spray volume
This sprayer provides precise, targeted spraying of pests on soil and lawn
Adjust the size of the sprayer, moist spray, dense water stream or fine mist

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