Kzubr Impact Drill Machine


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Kzubr Impact Drill Machine in Pakistan

The original micro – dual – use red drill hand drill multi – function positive inversion non – polar variable speed wall tile drilling machine in Pakistan

The machine features:

1 transferred Hand drill file can be drilled metal wood plastic tiles,

2. Coupled with the machine’s speed switch and forward and reverse rotation can be used to tighten the screws and so on
Can be transferred to the impact of drilling stalls can occasionally be used to drill concrete wall, etc., of course, the intensity is not with the hammer than the home is quite good,

3. Machine transferred to electric drill file, coupled with the converter, coupled with a variety of films can be polished and cut cutting

The machine parameters: power 680 watts speed 0-3000 rpm adjustable, the original machine packaging machine carton weight 2.07 kg


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