Car Seat Side Pocket Organizer Bag


Shipping cost: 200
  • Car Seat Side Pocket Organizer Bag
  • Adjustable quick-lock fasteners fits nearly any seat with head rest
  • Store children’s beverages for spill-free travel
  • Can store maps, newspapers and much more
  • Ideal for storing emergency items for quick and easy access
  • pockets offer easy access to frequently used items
  • Secure organizer to virtually any car/truck seat Side
  • Smart small items storage rack for the car.
  • Placed on the side section of the seat of the driver or the passenger, so all passengers have easy access to it.
  • Easily fitted and adapts to all cars.
  • It has three pockets, two with dychtaki and third opaque with zipper.
  • Random colors will be sent

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