Adjustable Kitchen Storage Rack Pool Space Arrangement Frame Under-Sink Storage Shelves 2 Tier


Shipping cost: 200
  • Adjustable Kitchen Storage Rack is Stylish Under Sink/ Pool Space Storage has an Adjustable arrangement frame which is a great organizer for your everyday kitchen / bathroom or living room utensils
  • The minimum length is 50cm, which can be stretched up to 70cm. Once assembled, it is an incredibly sturdy unit that braces the sides of the cupboard quite firmly.
  • A relatively inexpensive way of ensuring you can store stuff of different sizes in the one place. It is designed to use the minimum space and convenient to move any where. It can be used as a shoe rack, book shelf or for any other purposes.
  • Pearl white color. Made with high quality material which gives a new shine to your home. With stainless steel pipe for frame work. Easy to wipe and clean. Very easy to assemble.
  • Adjustable Kitchen Storage Rack is maximize your under sink storage space with this compact organizational unit. Create maximum storage area with Removable shelves

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