6 LED Lace Hand Held 4X Magnifier


Shipping cost: 200

65mm 6 LED Light Illuminated 4X Handheld Lace Read Magnifier Magnifying Glass
Six illuminated LED lamps are evenly distributed around the lens to ensure that book content or objects to be viewed can be clearly seen in the dark.
Shadow phenomena will not happen, with the similar effect of medical shadowless lamp.
Battery specifications: 1.5V Size AA batteries, with features of large capacity, long service lifetime (lasting for more than 10 hours)

Portable, lightweight, easy to carry and easy to use, durable.
Magnify and illuminate simultaneously with the bright 6 LED 4x Magnifying Glass.
Bring small type and miniscule projects into focus with this incredible magnifier .
Don’t struggle with lowlight situation and keep a hand free while you magnify small objects.
Application range: offices, homes, printing factories, hospitals, stamp-collecting locations etc.

Package included:
1 x Magnifier


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