Mastech MS-2001 AC Current Clamp Meter


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Mastech MS-2001 AC Current Clamp Meter in Pakistan

Bit scale clamp: 2000 counts
Constant voltage: 1000V: ± 1.0%
AC voltage: 750V: ± 1.0%
AC: 20/200 / 1000A: ± 2.0% br>
Resistance: 200 / 2KΩ: ± 1.0%
Diode test
continuity connections
Hold readings DATA HOLD
Backlit display
User manual on current clamp MS-2001 series (188.78 Kb)

Clamp Mastech MS2001 Display 3 ½ mark and battery are designed to measure AC current,
DC and AC voltage and resistance to the continuity test function, as well as with the additional feature of a diode test.
With clamp data, you can check on the performance of semiconductor diodes and quality of connections in the wiring diagram.
Last result can be locked with “HOLD” function.
In the conditions of insufficient visibility imeetcya backlight LCD display.
Power Clamp Meter Mastech MS2001 is made from a single 9 V battery


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