Star Silicone Drain Filter –

Star Silicone Drain Filter


Shipping cost: 200
  • HIGH QUALITY. The shower sink strainers are made of high quality silicone material, won’t rust, durable and will not deform, it is safe and healthy. High quality silicone drain hair catcher provides strong suction, no shifting.
  • No More Clogged Drains! This drain hair strainer has five suction cups at the bottom side with strong absoption that can prevent hairs from clogging sewer. It has five suction cups to prevent it from moving.
  • Pretty & Bright color. The Starfish Drain Covers have 4 colors, which were very bright and nice to look at. They were packaged well and each one was individually wrapped.
  • Easy to Use. Simply put the catcher on the tub/shower drain and press down on the suction cups for a secure hold,easy to catch hair but not prevent the water from draining,and convenient to clean when it block the hair.
  • WIDE USED. The silicone drain hair catcher can be applied to the kitchen, bathroom and laundry, fitting most basins, drains, sinks, and slop sinks; The bathroom shower sink stopper is easy to pack and easy to clean with its reliable materials.

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