Silicone Cake Spatula with Transparent Handle Cake –

Silicone Cake Spatula with Transparent Handle Cake


Shipping cost: 200
  • ade of silicone,non-toxic and odor-free, environmentally friendly, safe and hygienic, with good flexibility,strong and durable.
  • This spatula is available in many colors,and it is in random color when shipped.
  • Transparent plastic handle design makes this creamy spatula more beautiful and comfortable to use.This is the difference with other similar products.
  • This cake cream spatula can be removed.The part between the handle and the tongue is detachable, which makes cleaning easier and less prone to bacteria.
  • It is easier to stir the cream, jam, batter, etc., saving time and effort.The handle has a small hole for hanging, convenient storage and improved space utilization.

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