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Lemon Squeezer, Lemon Sprayer,


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  • This product design for anyone who love to have a fresh citrus, lemon, lime juice with salad, grills, fish,  beef, meal, cocktail, and drinks Enjoy extra lemony boost!
  • Everyone can spray some fresh lemon juice into their healthy lemon water, lemonade, chicken salad and many other foods! Enjoy the freshness with your family, friends and guests
  • Super Easy to USE – 1-Half cut the Lemon 2-Squeeze fruits 3-Close the lid 4-Enjoy the freshness
  • Tips – Spray the lemon to other sliced fruit. It keeps fresh longer! / Natural citrus spray for cats, dogs and pets!
  • Ready to keep in fridge, Easy to clean, Recommend to wash by hands, DO NOT USE MICROWAVE, If spray doesn’t work well, please clear the straw. Please squeeze lightly. Citrus pulp will block the straw.

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