Laundry Storage Basket Wheels 3 Tier for Kids & Infants Rolling


Shipping cost: 200
  • Laundry Storage Basket Wheels
  • 3 Layer: 3 Layered Tall Laundry Basket could be classified storage , suitable for children, kids, infants and babies.
  • Laundry Storage Basket Wheels
  • This laundry cart fits t-shirts, pants, dresses , underwear, outerwear, linen, cover, etc. in it.
  • The top shelf can also be used to put shampoo, mobile phone, and some accessories when you take a bath.
  • Dimension: 101.5 CM x 30.8 Cm x 45.5 Cm (Picture Attached).
  • Comfort Grip Handles: All of the basket could be taken out for separately use . The length of the Bottom basket handles are long enough to allow you to carry it with only one hand.
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