Insulated Food Covers 2 Pieces Foldable Cover (100gsm) –

Insulated Food Covers 2 Pieces Foldable Cover (100gsm)


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Multi-use – This cover not only works perfectly for outdoor parties, camping, cooking activities, barbecue, picnic or home cooking in bowls, plates, cutlery, open drinks, snacks and fruits, but also keeps salads fresh and hot. everywhere
The lasting difference: – Other food umbrellas use mesh or other thin material. We provide the same protection against insects and dust and solve the structural problems that food stores have.
Foldable and portable: -Comfortable to use with a handle on the top. Easy to fold and store when not in use.
Aluminum foil interior: Aluminum foil helps to retain heat and protects the contents of the interior.
Cotton Exterior – High-quality cotton makes the cover visually appealing and prevents insects from entering.

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