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H2O Mop X10 in Pakistan

10 in 1 Steam MOP in Pakistan

Floor Steamer Cleaner X10 Mop in Pakistan

X10 10 in 1 Multi Purpose Upright Steam Mop & Hand Held Steamer Cleaner in Pakistan


Lightweight multi Steam Mop which also converts into Multi-Purpose handheld cleaner
Large detachable water tank – meaning easy refills and continuous steam
Variable steam control – allows you to control steam output
Triangular mop head design – allows mop to get into corners where other mopheads cannot get into
Suitable for a multitude of surfaces , floors, carpets, work surfaces, windows, tile and grout, ovens, upholstery and sanitary ware

Product Description:

The X10 Ultra Steam Blaster mop is the LATEST 10-in-1 Steam / Water Machine Mop / Cleaner and comes with a Detachable Water Tank!!!! It is also lightweight and very easy to use. It is perfect for cleaning around the house and cleans without the use of cleaning products. Lifting all dirt and grime as water heats up to 230f in under 20 seconds!!!

This amazing mop not only cleans your your hard flooring but also transforms into a handheld steamer cleaning your windows, drapes, floors, garments, tiles, sinks, toilets, faucet and even car upholstery and alloys! Cut through baked on oven mess with the X10, sanitize kid’s toys, blast away dirt in grout and even steam clean blinds! Attached the Carpet Glider and it converts into a carpet steamer!

The X10 offers you the opportunity to get your House clinically clean for a fraction of the price. X10 Ultra Steam Blaster mop comes with 10 versatile accessories together with micro fibre cloths offering endless ways to clean just about anything.

Content X10 Steam mop Accessories Adaptor Carpet Glider attachment Large round brush Small round brush Triangle (Grout) brush Scraper Tool Bent / Angle spray nozzle Window / Garment Cleaning Tool Triangular Mop Head Also


1 x Measuring water jug

1 x Limescale Pin

1 x Microfibre mop pad

1 x Microfiber cloth

1 x user Manual

1 x Warranty Document

*NOTE: Microfiber Cloth Pads can be machine washed in hot water and tumbled dry, Reuseable time and time again!!

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