Garbage Bag Holder Dustbin Towel Rack –

Garbage Bag Holder Dustbin Towel Rack


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Discreetly store your trash or recyclables and help reduce waste by reusing your plastic grocery store bags with the Over-the-Cabinet-Door Trash Bag Holder from Spectrum Diversified. Reduce, reuse, recycle! Store your old plastic grocery bags so you can reuse them. The sturdy steel frame holds a plastic grocery bag open to hold additional bags, trash, or recycling. Bag handles slip over the brackets, and gravity secures bags in place. Slide the handles off brackets for disposal.

This organizer keeps grocery bags together and slides over cabinet doors or drawers to keep bags out of the way yet within easy reach. Add extra storage without all the hardware.

Padded brackets slide easily over cabinet doors for quick, no fuss installation. No tools required. Perfect for apartments, rental homes, or RVs.

The padded brackets easily slide over standard cabinet doors without the need for tools or installation. Celebrate form, function, and style with one uniform look. The modern lines paired with classic finishes create a traditional appearance with a slight modern flair. The organizer is designed to hold plastic grocery bags. Sturdy steel does not bend or warp as cabinet doors are closed repeatedly, making it a kitchen accessory that will last for years. Designed to coordinate with a variety of fixtures and furnishings around the home. Perfect for the kitchen, bathroom or garage. Cabinet shelves may obstruct cabinet door from properly closing when item is used. Please measure in advance of purchase. Made of sturdy steel.

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