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English Learner Electronic Educational Toy Laptop


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  • Here is a computer that helps your child learn with a 5-step program!
  • Step 1 – Learn Alphabets
    -Learn to recognize and pronounce Alphabets
    -Differentiate between Capital and Small Letters
    -Find the letter. Here the laptop speaks out a particular letter and the child needs to identify the correct
    -letter by punching it on the keyboard.
  • Step 2 – Learn Words
    -Learn to spell and pronounce
    -Take spelling tests
    -Learn to identify pictures
  • Step 3 – Learn Numbers
    -Learn the correct pronunciation and spelling of numbers
    -Learn to write the numbers
    -Numbers identification (Visual)
    -Number identification (verbal)
  • Step 4 – Learn Musical Notes
    -Play melodies
    -Play musical notes
    -Recognize musical notes (visual and verbal)
  • Step 5 – Play Games
    -Catch falling objects
    -Find the matching pair
    -Star shooting
    -Draw a picture
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