Adjustable Cake Leveler 12″ Inches


Shipping cost: 200

Perfect cutting and smooth surface – Adjustable cake cutter slicer with 2 wavy cutting wire works like a serrated knife for a cleaner cut, reducing the debris falling and then the surface of cake looks smooth and beautiful after leveling.

Accurate stratification and uniform thickness – The small cake leveler has an accurate scale adjusted to keep the cake layered in the accuracy, which make it level like a professional tool and allows you to choose the thickness of each layer.

Easy to use – Ergonomic handle gives you more control when slicing, allows you to choose the thickness of each layer.

More friendly – Adjustable cake leveler slicer is great time saver to make your cake top perfectly level for precise decorating.

Standing steady – Hard plastic feet is flat and with anti-skid grip design, making a well preparation for standing steady and easily slide across counter.

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