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56 Blades Stainless Steel Profession Meat Tenderizer


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1. Fifty Six Blades: Those blades can loosen meat, shorten the cooking time and make the meat more tender.
2. High-quality Stainless Steel Blades: Those high-quality stainless steel blades are safer and more sanitary. They are durable, will not get rusty, anti-corrosion and sturdy. It is a necessity in chicken to loosen meat.
3. Dual Cover Design: The external transparent protective cover can prevent the dust from entering the meat tenderizer. The internal cover can prevent the blade being damaged or people being hurt when it is not used.
4. ABS Manual Handle: The exclusive ABS manual handle with internal pressing spring makes it easier to use. The design conforms to ergonomics. So the using is more comfortable. And it is more convenient and quicker to loosen meat.
5. The Considerate Internal Blades Locking Design: There are arrows on the lateral side of the manual pressing handle to point the direction of opening and locking. It can loosen meat after opening. It can effectively protect blades and will not hurt people after locking.

1. Please put wooden cusion or plastic cusion under meat to prevent blades from being damaged.
2. Please do not put your hands under the meat tenderizer to prevent any hurt caused by unsuitable using. Besides, keep it away from children.
3. Please clean it after using it and dry vapors.

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