4Pcs Adjustable Drawer Clapboard Partition Divider Cabinet DIY Storage Organizer


Shipping cost: 200
  • Organize Items Neatly – Find items at a glance with well-organized grids
  • Perfectly Fit Any Drawer- Free to cut to fit different sizes/ shapes of containers
  • Easy to Install – Just measure, cut & interlock to install! No extra tool required
  • Can be a Holder – Place vertically to create a holder!
  • 100% Waterproof & Dustproof
  • Durable PP Material – Flexible, stay in place firmly & not easy to break
  • Thin Partition – Take up only little space
  • Washable & Easy to Clean
  • Suitable for organizing socks, underwear, ties, accessory, medicine, tableware, etc.

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